Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I was sure Josiah was sound asleep after 30 minutes of quiet in his room. I went in to check on him and found him squirming all around his crib and staring at monkey. Eventually our little monkey drifted off!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bank Run

Walking home from the train station this afternoon I noticed a scurry of activity near the banking area. As I got nearer a mob of people surrounded the doors of the Bank of East Asia (BEA). The line went on for hundreds of meters. I talked to a man watching the mass of anxiety and fear right in front of us. Initially I thought "Oh, there are probably just handing out free pens or something". You know how people go crazy over free things. He kept saying "Mo Chin A!" Which means no money. Apparently a rumor started and then circulated via cell phones that the Bank was in financial straits. This caused a huge panic as HK people do so well and well there ya go a bonafide bank run. It reminded me of the scene from It's a Wonderful Life. The bank shouldn't go under as they have US50 billion net worth. As I continued walking home I thought about what I put my "stock" in and realized how quickly our things can vanish even when we think they are secure. My thoughts drifted to Jesus' famous preachings regarding possessions. Exhorting us to store up our treasures in heaven rather than on earth where moth and thieves can destroy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lion and the lamb

God of typhoons and baby coos, who can fully capture your majesty? With one gust you can uproot towering trees, yet you lend you ear in delight to the gurgle of a baby. You are so mighty, powerful, and awesome. . . how is it that you can also be as gentle as the flutter of Josiah's eyelashes against mine? Truly you are God! You cannot be contained or controlled. You refuse to be fashioned or manipulated,yet in a humble act of vulnerability you allow yourself to be known. I praise you for the pleasure you receive from your children, from me! The twinkle in your knowing eyes, hiding amusement and delight, reveals your father heart and tender love. As I nurse my docile baby to sleep, the storms rages around me and I know you are in both. Praise the lion and the lamb.
*This is an excerpt from my journal as we weathered the 4th typhoon 8 of the season last night.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who can resist?

I told myself this morning that I wouldn't take any toys from my Mom's Group Toy Exchange (baby things already feel like they are taking over our house) Well, I came back with the biggest toy of all . . . but it's so fun!

red beans for josiah

Some of our faithful followers may remember our neighbor Ip Koon who is just a few weeks older than Josiah (see May 12, Mother's Day post). We have gotten together a few times recently for the boys to "play" together. Then yesterday Momoko made us a dessert with Josiah's name spelled out in red beans (very popular in Chinese desserts). If you are wondering why our son is practically naked in so many photos, it is still really hot here, 90 degrees and 90 % humidity.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shatin House of Refuge

Last spring Jason and his friend Bryan bought a flat in Hong Kong (Shatin) together as a real estate investment. The Lord had bigger plans than we did . . . so rather then renting it out, the apartment has been used for a refugee ministry by our small group. This power point was adapted from a brochure we developed to share what we're doing. My favorite is the photo of Johnny and Galant. We have really grown to love them and they love Josiah! Whenever they come over to our house, they head straight for him and hold him the whole night. We are in the process of getting a blog up and running for our PLUS group, we will set it as one of our links if you want to track what is going on.

Shatin House Of Refuge
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mid- Autumn Festival

Although technically it is still summer, HK just celebrated the Mid- Autumn festival last weekend. This is my favorite holiday here because it is family oriented, pretty, and has nothing to do (as far as I am aware) with the spirit world. Kids carry around colorful lanterns, burn candles and watch the full moon while eating mooncakes.
We celebrated the long weekend by going on a family retreat to Hong Kong's Gold Coast. For the six years we have been married Jason and I have taken a retreat, as a chance to reconnect, reflect and seek God's plan for our future. This year was a little different with Josiah along, but still refreshing and fun. Here are some pics from the pool where we stayed and Josiah's first hike in the backpack- he LOVED riding high on Daddy's back.Align Left

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ouch! I felt it before I saw it . . .

. . . . Josiah's First Tooth!

For months I have been thinking Josiah has been teething. . . our first clue was that he usually has between 8- 10 fingers in his mouth at a time! Here are some pictures expressing how Josiah feels about this new eruption.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of Josiah

8:30- After mom takes me on a run in the baby jogger I get my bath. She knows I'm done when I've soaked the whole bathroom with my splashes!

10:30- After eating and a nap, I'm ready for some serious playing. Look at that handsome guy!12:30- We go up to the 12th floor to visit my buddy Jack. He was just born this week, but I can already tell we're going to be good friends. Mommy loves to visit with Jack's mom.

3:00- In the afternoon I go shopping with mommy or to the pool, then we sing songs- lots of songs.
5:30- Daddy gets home and it's time for some fun. He is always ready to play with me!

7:00- Some nights we go on walks or out in the big city- I feel very small in Hong Kong!

8:00- After a busy day there is nothing like some footsie pajamas, a lullaby and good nights sleep (at least till 3:00 am!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Walking in the Rain

Feeling a bit cooped up today, Josiah and I ventured out on a walk in Tai Wai. Living in a high rise tends to breed a "cooped up" feeling on a rainy day with a baby, but the great thing is the antidote is not far away. Just down the elevator I can get a healthy, energizing dose of people, lots of people. It doesn't even matter if those people can speak my language or understand anything about me. Josiah and I love stopping to talk to old Chinese ladies who tickle, cluck, and speak to him in Cantonese. We talk back in English and baby language. Babies truly are a great bridge.

Today everyone was walking with umbrellas. People in Hong Kong carry umbrellas in all kinds of weather, rainy . . . sunny. . . neither rainy nor sunny. Today their umbrella display was appropriate. Instinctively I joined in until it became annoying to carry an umbrella and push a stroller. I pulled it shut and allowed the water to gently fall on my face. As we strolled Josiah dosed off to the pitter patter overhead and I began to ponder. I decided one of the best times to reflect is during a walk in the rain. I thought about how much my life has changed and how different my days are now from the 22 years I spent in a structured educational setting. I thought about how happy I am, yet how Josiah has taken front stage in my life. I thought about balance, and about Jesus who I long to be the center of my life. When we got back home I was damp and refreshed. Try it sometime.