Sunday, March 22, 2015

Annette and Annabelle Turn 2 and 5

 We decided to throw a joint birthday party for the girls this year. Annette's birthday is March 12 and Annabelle's is March 30, so we celebrated on the 21st. Annette chose the theme "Hello Kitty" which is I guess what you get when you raise a little girl in Asia.

 I tried to shoot a few pictures of the girls together before the party started, but they weren't really in the mood (Annabelle must have heard a rumor about the "terrible twos" because she's been practicing her pout a lot)
 Fortunately things sweetened up when guests started arriving and they began making their candy necklaces.

We're so thankful for friends to share these special days with. Bryan and Emily have faithfully attended all of our kids' parties back to Josiah's 1st. Thanks Emily and Carol for your help snapping photos. Also, thanks to Aunt Christy for the lovely dresses. 

 After 3 hours the birthday girl decided it was time to put herself down for a nap. She'd partied hard!
We are so incredibly thankful for our sweet, spunky, fun girls. We love you!