Sunday, June 22, 2008

Smile at Last!

For the past few weeks I have done everything but stand on my head to get Josiah to smile. All day long my goofy antics only got a very serious (eyebrows furrowed) expression in response. Just as I was coming to terms with his somber personality came the breakthrough. Actually Daddy got the first smile, but mine came the next day. I will never forget how the corners of his mouth turned up, just ever so slightly, and the smile spread to his upward gazing eyes. My heart melted and now I'll do anything, even stand on my head, to get another.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Around the Village of AG

Being back in our hometown is great! The weather is perfect and things around town haven't changed much. We walked down to the village, more specifically the ice cream parlor where Christine and I went on our first date and I had way too much ice cream on birthday celebrations. We've really enjoyed being able to hang out with our family who we haven't seen in a year. We just wieghed Josiah this morning and he's 9.6 lbs, were shooting for 10lbs by two months.

Back in Sunny CA

We left Hong Kong June 14th at 11:30am and were scheduled to arrive at 11:30 am on Sat in Ca. Josiah did great on his first plane ride. He enjoyed being close to mom and dad throughout the trip. The flight attendant twice gave Josiah baby food and once asked if he wanted a sandwich, which we thought was quite funny considering he was 6 weeks old. We got a taste of the good ole American airlines and the squeeze they put on passengers to make connecting flights. We missed our connecting flight at 10:30 so we were put on stand by for the 1:30 flight. Fortunately we got this flight and were excited to see the Paines and Ouimettes waiting for us at the SLO airport.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

Since Josiah was born I have been to 13 doctors visits (7 for him, mostly related to his jaundice, and 6 for me, mostly for my mastitis). There have been moments when I have been pushed to my limit and I have learned through this to really accept help from others. I need help! The body of Christ has come along side us this past five weeks and loved us in the most practical ways. We have had literally dozens of meals brought to our house, people have run to the grocery store for me, washed my dishes, held Josiah, driven me to appointments and then waited for hours, even stayed the night at our place when I was really sick! It is a blessing to be part of such a loving and supportive community.