Monday, June 1, 2015

New Season

(Me reading to Josiah's class this spring at Book Character Day) 

As a little girl the first thing I can remember wanting to be was a mommy. After that I wanted to be a teacher. Always. I loved playing school and have been hooked on teaching since the first time I got up in front of a class. I taught full time for six years before having kids and now have been a stay- at- home mom for seven years. I’m so incredibly thankful that I was able to just focus and enjoy teaching and motherhood fully.  I feel that now is the time to bring my two passions together.

I have accepted a job to teach 1st grade next year. The decision was not one I came to easily and took months of consideration. Now that the next school year looms before me I feel mounting excitement about the year ahead. Jason, Josiah, Annette and I will all attend the same school at the same time. This is such a dream scenario for me. Josiah will also be in 1st grade (but not in my class) and Annette will be just down the hall in P1. We can all commute together and Jason and I will even have the same lunch hour! 

Another change that this will bring is adding Flora to our family. Flora is a domestic helper from the Philippines. She is a sweet Christian lady that we have known for 8 years. We are so thankful that she has agreed to come live with us. Flora will take care of Annabelle during the day, taking her to playgroups and occasionally to school to join us for lunch. Flora will also do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and housework so that at the end of the day we can just have family time. 

I’m sure there will be some big adjustments ahead, mainly for Annabelle and I as we settle into a new routine. I’m so thankful for the chance to work with great colleagues in a school where we can share Jesus with our students. Knowing I won’t be home next year has helped me to more fully appreciate and savor the days I do have with my kids and make the most of them. It was encouraging at church last week a woman was praying for me who knew nothing of my current situation. She told me that she saw a picture of a door in front of me and the Lord was saying to just open the door and walk through it . . . (big breath) here I go. . . 

(These photos are some of the precious mornings moments with my girls this year)