Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bed Head

The combination of Josiah's new bed/ pillow and the static created by his night-time flailing are resulting in some pretty entertaining bed- head. It is good to wake up laughing (: Have a cheerful day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Jesus

Last week I was changing Annette in her room when Josiah let out a shriek that sent me running down the hall. I found him in the kitchen with his foot trapped under a heavy 60 lb box of tiles that he had pulled on top of himself. It had cut the skin and I was guessing that his tiny foot was broken from the impact. I proceeded the next hour to baby him; bringing ice, bandaids, portable dvd player, and food to bed to he could rest it. I kissed his boo- boo and we prayed that God would heal his foot. Josiah loved me holding his little foot and praying. After I'd finished, he'd say "more Gee-sus?" so we prayed again and again. My plan was to take him for an x- ray when Jason got home that afternoon. However a few hours later Josiah, despite my urging to rest, was up running around good as new. The brusing and swelling were very minimal. Every day this week at bed time when we kneel to pray he has asked me again for "more Gee- sus". We are thankful that God can reveal himself to Josiah as jehovah Rafa (our healer). May his heart's cry always be for more and more Jesus.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remedy for Bald Babies

We found this picture of me when I was a baby so. . . .we got a little silly with Annette and my Grandma's old wig. So glamourous!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daddy Time

With summer school out by 1 o'clock in the afternoon there is plenty of time to explore our new surroundings. Josiah is always up for getting out of the house. So the last few days we've walked down to the beaches to engage in Josiah's newest and cheapest hobby he picked up in the US...throwing rocks! We also checked out the catch of the day from the fisherman, said hello to the local dogs, splashed in the water, and looked for sea


Partner in Crime

There are times as a gwailo (white person) when my services are called upon in Hong Kong. In the past I have helped with product testing/surveys for items marketed in the US and Josiah has been approached about modeling for toys sold in the states. This weekend however our gwailo head- hunter, Dawnie, had the most unusual request yet, she needed white women to be "actors" in a police line- up.

First because of Annette I said no. Then I learned my friend Jamila was going along with her kids and husband, so Annette and I tagged along, motivated by the adventure and cash. When we got to the police station we met our fellow actors for the i.d. parade (I just loved that they called it a parade). After some initial paperwork we were ushered into a small waiting room with no windows and low ceilings. We were given no explanation of the process, only that we would be given our "reward" at the end. Soon enough all the ladies began chatting and laughing. I really enjoyed the company of my 3 friends and 5 British women. We joked about who the suspect was and how we all looked so different from each other (30 year age span, all hair colors and body types).

A Chinese woman entered the room, took an unhappy look at us and started yelling at Dawnie in Cantonese. We didn't understand, but gathered she was unhappy at our hair color. Next thing we knew, she returned to the room with two bottles of temporary spray hair- dye. We needed to all look alike, so she was going to make us all. . . blonde! Happy I was a "natural" blonde, I enjoyed watching my brunette friends freak out. I looked at the bottle and pointed out the color wasn't blonde, but "copper". Even more interesting. The police station held our identity cards til the end, so backing out wan't really a option at this point. The whole incident was so bizarre I thought camera men were going to enter the room announcing "smile- you're on candid camera!" Instead, another woman entered the room with a bag full of shower caps. In unison we all agreed this was a a much better option.

Soon we were called into the adjacant room. I passed Annette to Jamila's husband (praying she wouldn't cry) and went into the parade. The room was long and narrow with windows that looked like mirrors to us in order protect the witness's identity. We sat on benches with numbers in front of us, our bodies drapped entirly in itchy wool blankets and our hair up in attractive blue floral shower caps. The suspect joined our line- up, a Eurpean brunette in her mid -fifties accused of theft. We all giggled and chatted til the witness entered and we put on our stoic, potential crimal faces. I looked straight ahead in the mirror, knowing if I caught Jamila or Julie's eyes I would errupt in uncurable school - girl giggles. I was very proud of myself for maintaining such a serious demeaner. It was especially hard to keep a straight face when the first witness chose Julie as the criminal! I'm sure our floating white faces all looked very similar to the Chinese witnesses.

Jason will be going to an identity parade next month to identify a Chinese man he caught stealing his student's backpack in Satrbucks. I doubt they'll be clad in shower caps, but I still think it is going to be pretty tricky. Another blog for another day. . .

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We had a good flight back to Hong Kong, and even got to take a blitz sight- seeing tour of San Fransisco on our lay- over. We landed Sunday evening in beautiful, clear weather and took this photo of our neighborhood, Ma On Shan, from the plane.

After the 11 different places we stayed while in the states, it was nice to lay our heads' on our own pillows again. Jason's head only touched his pillow for a few hours, before jetting out the door to teach summer school Monday morning. I've spent the week getting us settled back into a routine and reconnecting to HK time, space, and culture. Josiah has made the transition from the crib to his big boy bed and we began potty training (more on that to come). We've really been enjoying our view from the 35th floor and watching the colors constantly changing on the ocean. The weather is hot, humid, and typhoony (what a fun word!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Grandad= Hero

In Josiah's mind, the next best thing to a pilot is a firefighter. When we were in Arroyo Grande my Dad (who is a volunteer fire chaplin) gave Josiah a tour of the firehouse. His eyes could not have been wider as he said "wow" over and over again, amazed at the hoses, helmets, boots, ladders, poles, and best of all the fire cheif! They gave him a plastic helmet that he sported everywhere the next few days.

Grandpa= Hero

Since airplanes are one of Josiah's favorite things in the world, imagine his excitement to discover that his Grandpa (Paine) has an airplane in his garage! How many kids can say that? Grandpa soon became Josiah's hero. We were worried the long flight might turn Josiah off from planes (two hours into the flight "all done airplane", errr. . . it doesn't work that way sweetie) but he still talks about them all the time. Maybe he will be a fourth generation of pilots in the Paine family.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Twins or Cousins?

It was so fun getting Annette and Anya together. Several people asked if they were twins, and we all called them the wrong names!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ranch

Stage 5 involved a Ouimette family reunion at the Cottonwood Meadow Ranch outside of Panguich, Utah. We chose this location because it was between California and Wisconsin, was close to Salt Lake City (where my Grandma's memorial service was) and there is not much to do there but relax, eat and be together.
Some of my biggest joys came from watching Josiah enjoy the wide open spaces, catch a fish, "eww and aww" at the 7,000 stars we could see (really 7,000!), make his first smore, feed horses and hike in majestic Bryce canyon. I felt like a child again, seeing the world through Josiah's inquisitive big blue eyes and discovering along with him the beautiful world that God created.
I love my family and cherish these happy days we shared.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shell Beach

Here are photos from stage 4 of our US trip, Shell Beach. It was so great staying at Mike and Jen's house, just a couple steps from the majestic ocean. They have an adorable little beach house brimming with hospitality. It was a special time of hanging out with Jason's two brothers and sister (in law). They had a BBQ one night so we could catch up with old friends. Summer is flying by, but packed with precious memories and more pictures than I could ever blog.