Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Musings

Don't you love November? I do! (I may have said the same thing about October). Life is not perfect, but we looking for the beauty and blessings each day. There is a fun little trail next to our house with a vista of our village. Among things I am thankful for, being able to live in the busy, most- vertical- city-in- the- world AND access nature is high on the list.

 We took time as a family to build an "ebenezer" by writing on stones things we are thankful for and that God has done for us. The kids also wrote on turkey feathers, because that's just fun.

 A friend once explained to me that as kids get older that it gets “easier” but also more “complicated”. I think I am starting to understand what she meant. Entering into this school- aged season in life has brought many joys, but also complexities. Not only complexities in the logistical sense (who has early release today? whose library books are due today? Whose supposed to bring show and tell? etc) but more so on the emotional level.

One thing that has really helped recently is getting to know and understand my kids better. A friend loaned me the book “Nurture by Nature” which explains Myers Briggs personality types for kids. I totally geek out on this stuff. (My family knows I got on a  kick for *years* where I couldn’t stop talking about birth order. So watch out if I corner you and open my mouth about Myers Briggs)

Josiah and Annette are at a great age to explore this.  I found it so helpful to put a name to a lot of the traits that I see displayed in both of them. Josiah is a very clear- cut ENFP (extrovert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) while Annette I think is a ISFJ (introvert, sensing, feeling, judging) although I’ll need a few more years to be confident of her type. “Nurture by Nature” has a chapter on each personality type and every word, I mean every word, of the ENFP dripped of Josiah. It was so helpful and validating to understand the way God made him and in turn how to best parent him.

Now this little darling still remains in many ways a mystery to us. Some moments we get this look . . 
 . . .and other moments we get this one. I’m going to do my best for now not to analyze that but just to give lots of tickles and cuddles through the exhausting simplicity of toddlerhood.


 And just because who knows when I'll blog next, I thought I'd share year 2 of the Christmas jammies. They are a little snugger this year but bringing lots of joy. We are ready to launch into the advent season. Happy Holidays to you!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I should really be using Annabelle's short nap today to write a paper for my class or cross some items off my to- do list. But I wanted to grab this moment to remember and enjoy some recent moments. My little nephew had a near- death chocking encounter last week and my whole family has been reminded of what a gift and joy ordinary days hold. 
The weather is *slowly* cooling off so we're about done swimming now. We picked up this car and the slide for free!1 

Annabelle's latest thing is dolls and dress up

Josiah played in his first Rugby tournament. He got several "tackles" (they play touch still at this age) we were so proud of him

 Annette started piano lessons and is a very serious student. We are thankful for her amazing teacher Miss Lauren.