Friday, August 21, 2009


My grin melted into laughter as I stared down at the parallel purple lines. Pregnant? As my laughter gained momentum Josiah (who of course was in the bathroom with me) started to get the giggles too. We just stared at each other erupting in unbridled laughter and joy. It was a moment I will never forget.
Next, we decided that we needed to make Daddy laugh too. I snagged one of Josiah's white onesies and a permanent marker. On the front I printed "big" and on the back "brother". When Jason got home Josiah was asleep in his crib. I urged Jason to get Josiah up. He was dumbfounded and kept saying "how did this happen?" You'd think he'd know by now.
Together we gave thanks to Jehovah Rapha (God heals) for this precious baby growing inside of me. It is by God's healing touch that two years ago my ovaries were miraculously cleared of dozens of cysts. It is his goodness alone that brings life.
I am 9 weeks along and will not see my doctor for a couple more weeks, but I have estimated the due date March 27th. I am very sick and tired (another blog for another day) but for now join us in rejoicing in this precious gift!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Water Baby

Thanks Emily for sharing your fun camera!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


When we moved to Hong Kong we were taught that a strong Chinese value is "saving face". We were told not to confront people in a direct manner or in a way that would cause them shame. I have yet to see this value applied to Josiah's face. He took a little nose dive on the cement this week (I actually thought it was kind of cute). But now I hear about his face all day long, everywhere we go, "what happened" "ai- ya" "look what you did naughty boy". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when an acquaintance said in the grocery store yesterday, "Baby you just keep getting uglier!" I had nothing good to say back. Anybody have a line for moments like this?

Arrrr. . . .

These are just too cute not to share. Josiah got this adorable pirate towel from Aunt Christy this summer. He usually pulls the hood off, but I managed to get a few pictures of his best pirate faces.

Vroom, vrooom

Josiah is the perfect city boy. His passions at the moment are cars, buses, airplanes, bicycles, boats, and trains. He loves to stand on the ledge of our bedroom window and watch the world go by as he adds his own sound track, "vroom, vroom". Here he his with his very own set of wheels. What a boy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not even funny

Josiah loves to play a little game of collecting things from around the house and placing them in new spots. Cell phone in the diaper bin, wallet in the couch cushions etc. We have played along with this game until yesterday the air conditioning controller went missing. I also had the oven on and our tiny house was boiling! I began to feel frantic as I looked in the normal places and couldn't find it. Jason was going to be home from work soon and I thought we'd all have to evacuate for the night. At last I found it inside of our upside down drum. Relief and cool air flooded over me. Next time you're around Josiah watch your valuables or you may not see them again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It is HOT here. How hot you ask? 34 degrees Celsius and 68% humidity. In case that still doesn't mean anything to you the heat index (how hot it FEELS) is 114 F. Yeah, that is HOT.

But the heat hasn't kept us indoors. In fact Josiah and I went running at 11 am this morning (as the old people we passed muttered, "Ho yeet"- "So hot"), we also enjoyed a family bike ride the other night. Of course our favorite outdoor activity right now is swimming!

Josiah was not a fan of the bike helmet, but enjoyed all the sites along the path. We even took a break at his favorite park to swing. Thanks Bryan, Emily and Jack for letting us borrow your bikes!

Couldn't Resist

Part of being a parent is getting to be a kid again (we've never had much of a problem with this!) Here are some more adventure of Super Baby!