Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't be jealous . . .

but this is where we are going to be in two days! Kota Kinuablu, Malaysia!! Many teachers from our school are going for a conference, and Josiah and I are tagging along with Jason. This week has been really physically and emotionally draining for me because we moved our refugee friends out of our flat and are fixing it up for new tenants. So, a vacation sounds just right!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

normal or neurotic?

Josiah's pincher grasp is really good these days and he entertains himself by picking up the tiniest pieces on the floor and sampling them. The other day I dropped some baking soda when making muffins and before I could wipe it up he was on all fours lapping it up. So, I've begun cleaning my floors three times a day. I've always liked things orderly, but nobody has ever accused me of being obsessively clean. Moms out there tell me what you think- is this much cleaning normal or neurotic?
Oh, this picture shows Josiah reaching for the washing machine buttons. Stay tuned for more posts on his trouble making!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prince of Wales Hospital

Well Bubba caught yet another cold. I am still in the process of deciding how I feel about the doctors here and giving Josiah all the medicine they love to perscribe (4 prescriptions for his last cold). I decided this time to let it "run it's course." At 2:30 am Wednesday morning this was no longer feeling like the right decision. It was the worst of Josiah's fourth sleepless nights and he was waking up every 10 minutes shrieking because he was having difficulty breathing. Even when I let him sleep in our bed and on my chest (his favorite) he was inconsolable. He was miserable, I was miserable (I had now caught the same cold). So all three of us stumbled into a cab and went to the emergency room.
We were seen right away and the doctor urged us to admit Josiah to the hospital. We were reluctant, but a chest x- ray revealed all the junk in his lungs we had been listening to. It was around 4 am when we were whisked up to the pediatric ward where Josiah was poked and prodded, taking every sample and measurement you can imagine. It was a relief to be in his room where Josiah was given his first breathing treatment and oxygen. His lungs were cleared and he finally had the relief to sleep. Not so much for me since the chair they give the parents looks like a reject from a 3rd grade classroom. At one desperate moment I tried sleeping in the crib with Josiah, that lasted about 3 minutes til the nurse caught me. (:
We were there the whole next day, quarantined to our room. We were both going a little stir crazy, but managed to enjoy all the quality time together. Josiah's usual compulsion to squirm after 1.5 seconds was gone, so we had some great cuddle time. By 5:00pm the pediatrician released us for a home stay, provided we return in the morning. We did the next day and were discharged with an inhaler to use at home. The most amazing part to me is that the entire experience cost us $20 US, that's without insurance. Yep, that's the medicine, x- ray, specialists visits, ER, food, our own room etc. Next time you need to be hospitalized come visit us in Hong Kong!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not what I was going for

The other night I was putting Josiah to sleep. Everything was looking good (droopy eyelid and milk drunk expression) as I softly starting singing a lullaby to him. Immediatly his eyes popped open, he burst into a huge grin and started clapping his hands to the singing.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I just finished reading the "Dream Giver". The first half of the book is a modern- day parable and I was able to read it all over a cup of coffee while Josiah napped (which in itself is exciting). The story is about a man named Ordinary from the Land of Familiar who pursues his Big Dream. I have never considered myself the "dreamer" type because I am so easily satisfied where I am. But, Jason is a dreamer- a big dreamer. I have seen through Jason's leading that life following the Dream God gives you is truly living. God has placed on our hearts big dreams. Often they seems far away and blocked by many obstacles. Some days I doubt that we were even given the dream at all. This book was an encouragement to me to conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and lay hold of all that God has for us. Read the book .. . .follow your dream!
"Ordinary knelt by the riverbank and wept with joy. The Dream Giver was more kind, more good, more wonderful and trustworthy then he had ever imagined. Now when Ordinary looked at his surendered Dream, he saw that it had grown. Now his Dream was no longer only about Ordinary. Now it was part of the Dream Giver's Big Dream for the whole world."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's the Little Things in Life

Jason went to the flower market to buy some crickets for a science experiment (ick) and came back with this precious little orchid for me. It stands only 5 inches tall! I have never had an orchid, although I've always admired their elegance. The best part is it reminds me of my sweet husband! Today is our first thunder storm of the year (yeah) and I am happy inside with my cheerful little flower. Hope you are having a happy day too!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Highlight Reel

I was reflecting recently on the way Mary pondered in her heart the moments she had with Jesus as a baby. Being the enthusiastic new mom I am, I’ve been busy photographing, videoing, scrapbooking, blogging and journaling all of Josiah’s milestones. But I’ve realized there are moments, precious moments, that can’t be captured- only savored. So in an attempt to savor moments with my quickly growing little boy I’ve begun playing a “highlight reel” in my head from the day as I nurse Josiah to sleep at night. Today’s highlights went like this
- his eyebrow raising smile popping over the crib in the morning
- the tug of little fingers on my pants pulling himself to a wobbly stand
- the view I have over the stroller of two bare feet happily kicking as we walk
- the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen clumped together with tears after yet another boo boo
- blowing raspberries while eating squash (hard to forget since I still need to go clean the highchair)
- the high pitched squeal Josiah inhales when he catches my eye and begins crawling towards me down the hall
- his little head, heavy with sleep that falls back over my arm signally another day is done