Thursday, November 6, 2014

I should really be using Annabelle's short nap today to write a paper for my class or cross some items off my to- do list. But I wanted to grab this moment to remember and enjoy some recent moments. My little nephew had a near- death chocking encounter last week and my whole family has been reminded of what a gift and joy ordinary days hold. 
The weather is *slowly* cooling off so we're about done swimming now. We picked up this car and the slide for free!1 

Annabelle's latest thing is dolls and dress up

Josiah played in his first Rugby tournament. He got several "tackles" (they play touch still at this age) we were so proud of him

 Annette started piano lessons and is a very serious student. We are thankful for her amazing teacher Miss Lauren.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fabulousness

 I can hardly handle the cuteness of Annabelle these days! She has so much personality and is really tons of fun. She is talking more and more now and her favorite expressions are "wow!" and "yay!" She is definitely her mother's daughter!

 Can you guess who inspired our pumpkin grin this year?
Today we had our annual costume party at Mom's Group. Here is Annette with her main squeeze Max.
Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Umbrella Revolution

It's funny that after my last post on how we hadn't gone down to the protests, that this weekend we decided to take a trip to go check them out. Traffic is a nightmare on Hong Kong island due to many street closures so we parked in Kowloon, crossed by ferry and hoofed it all over the island. Our outing was definitely sweetened with the incentive of checking out a new California style Mexican joint, yum!
There were not 50,000 protestors on the street as there had been previously, but still hundreds of tents were set up and there was a lot to look at

We were so impressed by how organized everything was. There were garbage and recycling centers, cell phone charging centers and even a little library and people offering free math tutoring services!

Josiah added his blessing for HK to the wall

We were so glad that we went out. Not only was it an enjoyable, beautiful evening but we got to experience a piece of history. We had some good talks with the kids about democracy, how governments view people and which systems align with how God views people. We even discussed appropriate and inppropriate forms of protests and when it is important to take a stand. Hopefully they don't start exercising these practices with bedtime and vegetable protests anytime soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's October!!

Hello October!! This is one of my favorite months in Hong Kong!! Lots of sunny days and still warm enough to swim, but it no longer feels like we live in a sauna. There has been a cooler breeze in the mornings which is absolutely glorious. This post is going to be a smattering of random photos to fill in the gaps from the last couple weeks. The biggest event was our friends the Sauders visiting from Cambodia. We absolutely LOVED seeing them and traipsing around Hong Kong with them.  We had so much fun that I barely have a photo from our whole time together (what happened?)

I started back in school for the first time in a decade. So far I am loving my first graduate class and the chance to sweep some cobwebs off my mom- brain. This is my office while Annabelle takes her afternoon nap

Here is Annabelle's signature eyebrow look
On special nights before bed daddy gives the kids a geography lesson on the big map in their room. They love it (of course kids love most things that delay bedtime)

 We've been doing some fall baking (with the air conditioning on). This pie turned out so delish
 Hong Kong had a crazy historic week of protests. Can you find us? Just kidding we weren't there, but we sure heard a lot about it
 I found Annabelle doing this
Flashback to 2010- here is Josiah doing the exact same thing!!!
And his happened. 
 The boys have been having fun planning what to build with this pallet
 We daily watch the progress on this house being built behind us
 Anybody have  a caption for this face?
 This is what happens after you've been friends with someone for 8 years, you start rubbing off on each other

 Our kids fight a lot. Like way too much. But every once in a while a moment like this spontaneously happens and we're reminded that we all love each other. Thank you Jesus for those moments!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Season

I've been thinking about how this fall feels really full and fast so I sat now to compute what  I have going on on a weekly basis. It felt good to list some things I have been intentional to cut out and feel less passionate about for activities that are closer to me heart. But I can tell at a glance that what I've added amounts to a lot more time than what I've subtracted. Since I'm an external processor I thought I'd post it here in case you care. What have you added or subtracted to your life this year? 

  • baking treats for Sunday School
  • greeting/ usher team at church
  • weekly volunteering at the kids’ school
  • sending out communication emails for mom’s group
  • tutoring 3 private students
  • leading weekly Mom’s Group

  • weekly Beth Moore Bible study (this is amazing)
  • teaching 2 weekly preschool playgroups (these are fun)
  • weekly rugby practice for Josiah
  • additional transporting of kids to school
  • maybe a new church . . .
  • organizing of mission trip of Philippino orphans TO Hong Kong this fall 
  • starting an online university program for Reading Specialist certificate
 And just because I love these photos so much, here is Josiah in his Rugby uniform. This has definitely been a fun addition for him and I can feel a little bit like an American soccer mom.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Going Chinese

Living in the Chinese culture is truly a fascinating privilege and persistent challenge in our lives. I still get a kick out of looking out my kitchen window upon ladies doing tai chi next next to their round baskets of fish drying in the sun. Sometimes old Chinese ladies walk by my house adorned in conical hats and carrying poles over their backs hanging with baskets of clams from the beach.That’s just fun. And of course we enjoy the festivals, like the four day weekend where we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival. Our kids know mooncakes and lanterns more than trick or treating and pumpkin patches. 

 Annette made the lantern and mooncake at school
 Jason took this photo from our balcony. It was cloudy the night of the mid autumn festival, so this was actually the following night.

But as our kids get older, the effects of being raised as third culture kids  (not belonging to the culture of their passport country or host country- but a created third culture) feels more complicated. Josiah is very aware of his minority status as the only white kid in his class this year (although his teacher is a blonde American). He is very sensitive and aware of communication differences in cultures. We kept reminding him that he has a special gift for making friends everywhere and now a month into the school year, he has made a “best friend” in the class. That is really an answer to prayer. 

And then there is Chinese Language. Sweet Jesus. In Hong Kong we (I include myself in that ‘we’ very loosely) speak Cantonese. In school the children are learning Mandarin, which is a very useful language that I would love for them to learn. I used to think that kids absorb languages like water into a sponge. That if you just expose them at the right age they will learn by osmosis. This has not been our experience. From day one Chinese class for Josiah has been like trying to drink out of a fire hose. So much, so fast that he began shutting now. Now that he is in P1 they have added reading and writing. Remember Josiah is in Kindergarten and is just starting to learn to read and write in English. On top of that, he is expected to read and write Chinese characters AND pinyin (the romanized transliteration of Chinese) with 24 vowel sounds in different tones. As a former kindergarten teacher who knows the blood, sweat and tears that go into teaching kids 5 short vowel sounds this is totally overwhelming to me. 

Josiah is giving an “all about me” presentation at school this week and he chose to include an American flag because he is proud to be an American. We are certainly proud of him and hope that his international childhood serves to enhance his life rather cause him to need future counseling. (: