Sunday, September 22, 2013

Through Josiah's Eyes

We are cooped up for a few days thanks to a direct hit from severe typhoon Usagi.  So tonight I finally got around to downloading photos from Josiah's camera onto the computer. He constantly is bringing his camera out when he sees a photo moment, such as butterfly on the balcony or a giggling Annabelle. I enjoy seeing his perspective (except the 20 shots of my butt!)

a frog in the road

 Leo the lobster, brought home from school for the weekend

a rainbow reflected across our living room floor

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival

 I know I say this every year- but I love the Mid- Autumn Festival! In American terms it feels to me like a cross between 4th of July and Halloween. Josiah and Annette have been studying and celebrating the holiday in school so it was highly anticipated. Last night we strolled from our house past two beaches to a park all full of families enjoying the warm evening under the beautiful moon. It truly feels magical. The kids had a blast although they were nearly delirious with exhaustion pushing their bedtime back by 3 hours. Some of these photos are from last night and some from the kids' lantern celebration at school.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Love This Boy

First he is doing this
 then moves onto a little of this
 next thing I know this!
 And I love some of this on a Sunday afternoon

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Carmel Coffee Ramble

It’s 2 pm, Annabelle is sleeping and I’m kind of in the mood to ramble. Here’s some of what’s happening in my world: 
  • the weather is finally awesome! This has been the rainiest year in a decade. How rainy you ask? I have tutored two girls Saturday mornings since June 15, and this last Saturday was the first Saturday it wasn’t rainy! Yeah. 
  • I am so ready for fall.  I made a fall playlist (no more country music til next summer) and just discovered that Spotify works in Hong Kong (I thought it wasn’t aloud in the country). Does anybody use this? Any tips? 
  • My new fall thing is amazing salted carmel that I made today for the first time. I am drinking carmel coffee now and have lots of carmel plans in the months ahead along with pumpkin/ apple baking.
  • I spoke in our Mom’s Group today about this book. I would really recommend it if you are looking for a book to feed your soul. 
  • There are surveyors in the parking lot outside our house right now. They told me they are going to build 2 houses right next to ours. That means noise, more noise, blocked view and ugly. I think we are going to need to move. I just hope they don’t start soon. It seems like the only thing you can count on in this city is change. 
  • We bought a bigger refrigerator this month which has made my life so much easier. Our old one only came up to my shoulder so it was like a puzzle to fit everything in. Now I can nearly shop just once a week! The best part for Josiah and Annette of course was the box. 
  • Our family started serving at church this week as “Champions” sort of like greeters/ ushers. Our kids loved it and it was so fun watching them make people smile.
  • Annabelle looks like she is going to be a very busy/ active baby soon. I have a lot of baby proofing today. Bye bye small legos. 
  • I hardly ever watch TV, but have fallen in love with this show by BBC, “Call the Midwife”. I am captivate by the era (London, 1950s) and am always inspired by stories of people working in poverty. 
  • On Sundays I go running with some girlfriends. We are up to 5-6 (slow) miles now. The longer we run, the more we get kid- free talking time, so I am motivated to keep going!
  • Josiah tells me I need to exercise more because I don’t spank him very hard. 
  • Annette told me in Sunday School they learned about Nose- es. (Bless) 
  • The kids are going to a Mandarin tutor now and I'm learning along with them!
  • I got to go on a date with Jason (and Annabelle) Saturday night. I love that man. We are swapping babysitting with friends, so Josiah and Annette got to play at the beach with their buds Josiah and Ava
  • Josiah said last night that he wants to marry me. It made my heart skip a beat. I wish I could freeze him at 5 years old forever.
  •  I have no idea how long this could go. I'd better stop. Carmel coffee + sunshine makes me chatty (I did warn you!)
refrigerator box magic
 Family Champions team at church
 Annette and Ava at Starfish Bay

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Moments

Summer Moments from Christine Paine on Vimeo.

Remember I said I was going to try to slice together some videos each season? Well here is summer. I realized doing this that I don't take very many videos. I'm going to be more intentional in capturing the fall. . . .

This song is Beautiful Things by Gungor

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Months

 Annabelle has tons of personality these days and is full or smiles and giggles. We wish we could be sharing this fun stage with our family in the US, so here are some photos sending you her irresistible smiles.

 Can you see my two bottom teeth?
 Somethings not quite right here
 Annette plays with Annabelle all day long. In fact her dolls have taken a back seat!

 After church on Sunday we discovered a beautiful park and Annabelle took her first ride in a swing.