Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tseng Tau Village

Welcome to Tseng Tau Village. It has always been a dream of mine to live just outside of town, and now we do! Our village is a 12 minute drive to school and only from the rooftop, far in the distance, can you see a high rise. I've also always wanted to live close to water, so when I pull back the curtains to this my heart fills with praise for the gift of beholding God's beauty.
 The water is constantly changing, not only in color but the tides as well. At certain times during the day the tide gets so low you can walk across to the island and dig for clams *just to clarify- we don't dig for clams but some people do (:

The balcony is our new favorite spot for coffee and cuddles
 The living room is a little smaller than our last and the 3 bedrooms open directly off of the living room, so "shhhh" when Annabelle is napping (the house is only 700 square feet)
 But my favorite room in the house by far in the kitchen. It is big people. Especially for Hong Kong. Especially for a village house. I actually enjoy spending time in there. . . . we'll see if my cooking improves!

 This is the view over the kitchen sink (through the bars). In the rainy season (now) there are waterfalls running down Ma On Shan mountain

 And the rooftop!! The kids have loved having this outdoor space all their own. We've eaten on the rooftop the last 4 nights and really, really enjoyed it. Cheers! Come join us for a BBQ anytime.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sir Josiah the Brave Turns 6

May 1 is a public holiday in Hong Kong (Labor Day) so Josiah always has school off for his birthday. We planned to have his party at a park, but moved it to the school when the forecast looked threatening. In the end it never rained, but ICS was a convenient venue with enough space for little knights (and princesses) to run wild. 

 Some of his buddies made costumes for the occasion

 To get started the kids personalized their shields. . . .
 . .  . while the mamas talked and snuggled babies

 3 of the boys at the party were named Josiah.
I love this picture of Jack and Josiah. Best Buds since birth. 
Once equipped with their shields "King" Jason explained to the young "Paiges" that they must overcome some tests of strength, smarts and courage to become a "Squire" and finally a Knight. The first challenge was jousting. When the trumpet sounded (thank you iphone) they ran with their horse to spear a circle with their joust. 

 Serious business

The next challenge required teamwork as one team would catapult a "rock"to the other team which had to catch it in order to save the "castle". The catapult had some technical difficulties, so the dads had their own fun getting it to launch. (:

Next we fed the hungry knights. Josiah's request was drumsticks and juice from a goblet. 

After lunch Jason sent the kids on a scavenger hunt around the school that led them to the "castle" where their final mission was to slay the dragon (a piƱata the kids and I made ). 

After all the dragon slaying we rewarded the kids with cupcakes and Jason "knighted" each child and presented them with their very own "sword". (Seriously my husband is amazing- he could have a side job doing birthday parties). 
 Happy Birthday Sir Josiah!! May you always be brave and valiant, fighting for justice in the world.

Catching Up

I've taken a little break from this space due to moving and subsequently no internet until today (yay!) Here are a few "every day" photos from the last month. . . 

Jason got Josiah hooked on the adventures of Robin Hood. One night Jason read for 2 hours- without falling asleep (although Annette didn't make it!)

 Doesn't she look like a big girl? Keep in mind this is a tiny chair (: 

Our neighbor Daisy taught the kids how to make the very popular rubber band bracelets.  As you can see from Annette' face it takes a lot of focus

 The kids had their annual spring concert which is always such a  fun morning. Can you find Annette? She is the only "gwilo" in her grade.

Our neighbors Sylvia and Isabel taught the kids how to make sushi- which they loved!

My friend Emily sewed these dresses for her blog and Annette and Annabelle got to be her models. You can read the story behind the dresses here. Aren't they fun?

This kids have been really into magic tricks. You can't come visit our house with seeing the rabbit come out of the hat.

Speaking of tricks, this is Annabelle's latest trick- climbing! I found her like this this morning, which is better than yesterday where I found her at the top of my friend's bunk bed. Yikes!

Annabelle has a friend, Yi Li,  here from China (a foster daughter of my friend). Aren't they sweet? 

This photo captures how I feel by 8 pm most days. The big kids are not faking it- they are really asleep and Annabelle is eating my hand.