Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have begun volunteering in the creche (British word for nursery) at our church on Tuesdays during the African Fellowship. It is a fun way for Josiah and I to make new friends, plus I get to join in their yummy meal at the end. Yesterday there was this little cutie, Britney, who is exacty Josiah's age. She wasn't interested in the toys, but wanted a piece of Josiah. She chased him around the room giving hugs, squeezes and kisses. At first he was a little turned off, but then really surpised me and got into it! They would run towards each other giving robust, long embraces followed by open mouth kisses. Wow! I think the pictures are blurry because I was laughing so hard as I took them.

Getting Smarter

Here is a picture of our old (WHITE) couch

Now imagine two of the cushions completely covered in juice from the watermelon that Josiah carried, by himself, from the fridge and delightfully poked and squeezed everywhere. I actually wasn't home for this one, and Jason didn't have the humor in the moment to take a picture.
Here is our new (BROWN) couch

It is doesn't show dirt even after being climbed on all day, and if something spills it wipes right off. Brilliant. If you live in HK come take a load off on our couch, it is insanely comfortable too!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Full Contact Running

"There comes a point in a runners life when you just need to get off the concrete and start living dangerously." ~Jason Paine

Jason has spent the last three days at Middle School camp. In addition to loads of stinky laundry, he returned home with this on his face . . . It's okay to laugh I did (still am).

So, here is the story. One night he broke away from the group to go on a run along the waterfront near the camp. The area has been under construction and is not quite finished yet. However, Jason managed to get passed the barriers. There was a refreshing coastal breeze on this beautiful clear night and he felt GREAT! Jason was loving every minute of this fantastic run as he sprinted along the dirt path. He never saw the very tight rope stretched across the path until it hit him square between the eyes. It then lashed his neck knocking his backwards. He basically clotheslined himself. There was a Chinese man watching who began yelling at him, "ai- ya, siu sum!"
Jason had to repeat this story to all the teachers and students the whole next day when we got back to camp. The funny thing is he is still talking about what a great run it was. "I would do it again, even if I fell in a pit." There you have it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Baby,

It was such a delight to see you at the doctor's office today. Your size has doubled in the last two weeks and you are now about four inches long. Tears streamed down my face as I watched you wiggle and dance inside of me. You kept waving your arm to say "hi mom" and I said hi back. I could see your ten perfectly formed toes and fingers. Your little legs were busy kicking, occasionally pausing to cross your heels and take a rest. My heart beat more quickly as I watched yours flutter quickly in your chest. The doctor thought he could already tell you sex, but is waiting two more months to tell us. I can't believe how much I love you already and that in six short months I will be holding you in my arms.

Much Love,

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Runner in Training

Cross Country season is well underway and Josiah is once again the team's mascot. He has gone on a few runs with the team this year (in his baby jogger) but at yesterday's meet Josiah hit the track. I love the pics of him carrying the "Olympic torch" with pride. What you can't tell from these photos was that the heat index was 110! The athletes did so well running the relay, some of them even running two legs because there were not enough students. Go ICS!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Emerging Comunication

Josiah's talking is really starting to pick up. He loves to hear the sound if his own voice and lately has been making this funny yodeling sound as he walks around the house. I started a list of words his can say (not the ones he thinks he is saying, but the words that are actually decipherable, at least to my ear).
1. Mama/ Mommy
2. Dada/ Daddy
3. ball
4. uh- oh
5. dirty (he loves to say this with a smile, putting extra emphasis on the "te")
6 baby
7. Jack Jack (his best bud upstairs)
8. three (free)
9. apple
10. me
11. thank you (tank you)
12. milk
13. up
14. down
15. duck
16. no (this is a new one I'm sure I'll hear more of)
17. hi
18. nana (for banana)
While we are not picking up Josiah's application for Mensa, we are proud of the progress he's made. Mostly it is fun to see how proud he is of himself when he is able to use words to get what he wants. Much nicer than screaming. (:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Part of my life right now is vomiting (gross but true). A lot. Josiah had a hard time adjusting to the sight of me "talking on the big white telephone" (as our New Zealand friends say). At first whenever I threw up, he would stand in the hallway and cry in a very sympathetic and concerned way. To ease his nerves, I'd smile or say "boo" as if it was a game. He'd laugh a nervous laugh and then cry again.
Well, after 5 weeks of my morning sickness, he has warmed up to this new fact of life. Now he likes to crawl all over my back as I throw up or get in on the action. Today he joined me in staring deeply into the toilet as if it contained life's deepest secrets. When the chunks started flowing, he bent over and coughed along. I couldn't decide if this was sympathetic or mocking behavior. Either way, this poor kid has seen too much!
On a less gross note (if you managed to read this far)we got to see the baby today for the first time! We had a really great appointment and everything seems on track. Worth every trip to the toilet!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I've heard it said that Hong Kong has the most cell phones per capita of any place in the world. Maybe it's the influence of culture, or his mom who is always gabbing, but Josiah is into phones. He has three toy cell phones, but he talks on just about anything; cars, spoons, blocks . . .





Let's just hope they're not talking back!