Sunday, April 25, 2010

On Top of the World

This week has been exhausting, stretching, worrisome and full of laundry and bodily fluids. Josiah had a bad stomach bug (diarrhea + vomiting)a cold (runny nose + respiratory infection + cough) and an eye infection. . . all at the same time! This added up to one cranky, unhappy camper who wouldn't sleep or eat well. Next I got the flu (picture me breast feeding a baby in one arm with a puke bucket in the other arm). Praise the Lord my mother- in- law was here this week to help hold the fort down. But, sadly she got the flu after me. Then came Jason. God knows what we can handle, and I praise Him for that, because Annette was protected from the germs all around her. We are so thankful she didn't get sick.
Here is a picture of our healthy, happy baby. We're not really on top of the world, but on the 66th floor of a revolving restaurant. As for me, I feel on top of the world to have a healthy, happy family back!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red, White, and Blue

Last Friday we ventured down to the US Consulate for Annette to make her big appearance and apply for her passport, social security number and American birth certificate. Here we are on our way (no cameras allowed inside)

It is pretty hard to get a good passport picture of a newborn, the big requirement being having their eyes open. Both times I've taken my babies to a photo shop where they were held up like a floppy puppet in front of a white screen. All things considered, we were really pleased with how well Annette's turned out. It is funny to think she will still be using this photo when she is 5 years old!

And because I still laugh out loud every time I open Josiah's passport, I thought I'd share (I've even seen a customs offical crack a smile)

Annette is very proud to be American. Now that she is official we are one step closer to coming home this summer!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I knew it would happen sooner or later. . . .

When you ride an average of 10 elevators a day, statistically there is a high probability your toddler will get in or out without you. Not that I'm making excuses. Okay maybe I am. I had Annette, my mom had the empty stroller and before we knew it the doors shut quickly. We could hear Josiah shrieking as the elevator sunk along with my heart. I watched on the guard's TV monitor as a cleaning attendant got in the elevator (imagine his surprise to be greeted by a screaming 1 year old- alone!) Together they rode the elevator back up to us where we were tearfully reunited.

Just the week before Josiah and I had been playing in our hallway with his ball. I dashed inside to answer the phone and came out literally a minute later to find the hallway empty. The only way out is by elevator or stairway. I didn't think Josiah was strong enough to open the fire doors into the stairway. Feeling a wave of panic I left Annette at home and decided to check the stairway before trying to guess which of the three elevators Josiah might be taking a joy ride in. I found him two flights of stairs up, laughing and calling "Jack, Jack" almost to the 12th floor where his buddy Jack lives.

What do you think, should I put Josiah on a kid leash? I didn't even mention the adventure of having to retrieve him from the men's restroom! Ai- ya!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


It was great getting to celebrate Easter with my mom here. We went to church, to lunch with our friends the Thompsons, took along nap, and had an egg hunt for Josiah. It didn't take him long to catch on when he realized Jason had put jelly beans inside. We switched to raisins and goldfish crackers, and he still thought it was fun. After finding each egg he did a victory dance with his hands raised above him head!

Miss A in her bunny suit

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update and Photos

Annette is three weeks old and I already can hardly remember life before her (I also can hardly remember what day it is or if my shirt is buttoned when I answer the door!) We've had a great start with her and thank the Lord for His provision and protection during these early days. The first two weeks of her life she was sooo sleepy, but this week she really woke up and has made herself known (this girl has lungs!) She looks bigger by the day and now has just about out- grown her premie clothes and is filling out the newborn pajamas. It has been really nice having Jason home this week for his Spring break. Josiah is handling the adjustment well, but (like a typical almost 2 year old)needs lots of attention and discipline. We are both pretty tired and brew a strong pot of coffee every morning (: My mom arrives TONIGHT and we are really looking forward to celebrating Easter with her.

This week we had an ICS student, Brendon, come over to our house to take some photos. I know Annette will not be "tiny" for long, so I was eager to capture this precious, fleeting era. Brendon has studied photography in ICS's art program, but had never done portraits before. We were thankful he was willing to give it a try and were happy with what we got. It was a fun morning and not taken too seriously. This first photo cracks me up!