Thursday, June 23, 2011


Annette is a happy, healthy 15 month old. It seems like she has been a baby for a long time since she is still bald, chubby, cuddly and not really walking. When Josiah was her age he was running circles around us and could not stop moving if he tried. So we are certainly not in a rush for our baby girl to grow up.
Annette Adores. . .
- sitting in the shopping cart
- our Nepalese security guard "Mr. Dave"
- Daddy
- really, just men in general
- music, pop music will get her grooving
- waving to people we pass
- Dogs, she goes nuts, starts panting and repeating "Dogga" 3oo times
- water
- sand
- smearing yogurt, spaghetti, (fill in the blank) all over her body
- food of any kind, the only foods she hasn't liked are falafel and Vegemite
- using sign language, especially if it gets her more food
- cleaning up toys
- flashing big smiles
- cruising on her little car
- sleeping in her crib, just say "nigh, nigh" and her thumb goes in and her eyelids shut
Annette Abhors . . .
- any eating she can't participate in
- Josiah in my lap without her
- when I hold another baby
- being in the stroller longer than 10 minutes
- diaper changes, she is a real wiggle
- having her finger nails trimmed
- being tired away from her crib
- headbands
- getting teeth (she is cutting her 16th tooth right now, then she is done for a while!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trick or Treat?

Tonight we went out to sushi with our friends the Lawrences who are leaving Hong Kong. After dinner we got frozen yogurt and were standing around the mall talking. This of course is very boring to Josiah so he practiced his new little trick. He has learned to walk into Chinese shops, flash his friendly smile and make some small talk ("what are you doing?"). If Josiah loiters long enough he is inevitably rewarded with a treat or two or five in the case of the "Santa Claus" in our neighborhood. These "treats" always come in Chinese packaging and usually contain seaweed, corn, sweet potatoes or something of that nature. So tonight was no different, except Josiah happened to wander into a Chinese medicine shop. First they gave him and "Mui Mui" (sister) some wafer candy. But when he came around again they gave him a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. They offered him a dried cicada, cockroach and wasp!
Josiah did not know how to respond and I thought for a moment he might eat it! Later they offered to break off a piece of dried snake for him and then he really started to squirm. I don't know who was laughing harder me or the shop owner (:

In case you are not familiar with Chinese medicine shops, allow me to introduce you. They sell everything under the sun to be used in soups and tea remedies. As you can see there are deer antlers, seahorses, deer tails, and dried worms to name a few

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

The estate where we live "decorates" for holidays with a series of cheesy posters. Last month for Mother's Day there was a poster of a woman's hands chopping and preparing a table full of food. I couldn't help but be struck by the double- standard when I saw the Father's Day poster. . .

Here is Jason on Father's Day last year

Here they are this year

In the process of cleaning out (in preparation for our move) I found a can of pumpkin I had been stashing. Jason said pumpkin pie sounded good, so I made him a very untraditional Father's Day pie. We discovered that cold pumpkin pie tastes delicous in June heat! We are certainly feeling unAmerican this summer though. It gets even worse because Josiah's first day of school is July 4th. At least Jason is still proudly sporting his Wal-Mart red, white and blue shirt (:

Happy Day to All the Fathers!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

International Dragon Boat Races

This is the first summer that we have ever spent in Hong Kong. So far we are making the most of it and today participated in an annual event that we always miss, the Dragon Boat Races. There were teams from all over the world competing in Victoria harbor. Part of the harbor was portioned off by dredging ships to block the big swells from rocking the thin, canoe like dragon boats. Each team had a captian who sat at the front beating a giant drum that the rowers keep time to. Another person stood at the back of the boat to steer using a long stick. Four boats raced at a time, completing three laps (around 2 miles total). In spite of the sweltering heat, we had a good time. What are you doing over the summer?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Josiah Lines

Josiah saw a chicken in the grocery store, they come with eyes (closed) and feet here, and pointed saying, “Look mommy the chicken’s sleeping in the bag!”

Josiah loves to say, “Don’t be jealous mommy” (he learned this line from a Robert Munch book). He says it all the time, and always out of context

Josiah got a little rugby ball that turns into a towel when placed in water. He was very disappointed at this turn of events and screamed frantically for 30 minutes shouting “make the ball come back!!” Not a good trade to a three year old.

We babysat Jason’s class hamster for a weekend and I said, “look Josiah, the hamster has whiskers”. To which he replied, “Yeah, whiskers like daddy.”

Josiah off- handedly remarked to Jason last week, “thank you for putting your shoes away daddy.” Nothing like positive reinforcement.

During bedtime prayers I was describing to Josiah how much Jesus loves him. He replied matter of factly, “I want to see Jesus on the computer”. Anybody know Jesus' skype address?

I was describing to Josiah how he used to be in my tummy. He cocked his head and said, “please mommy, I want to go again.”

Friday, June 10, 2011

Picture Potpourri

We're back! We've been working on our list and getting into summer mode. Here's what we've been up to the last week. . .

Swimming. Mostly at the pool, and sometimes on the train platform.


Ocean Parking

Umbrellaing the Sun (Chinese Style)


Entertaining energetic 6th graders

(This is for you Renee) Have you ever seen a vine eating a jeep?

Random I know, but I liked it. Have a great weekend!!